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The Initialgh was established in July 2021 and has not been registered as a company yet. I haven’t set up an office by covid-19 yet.

You may see renewable energy and agriculture as separate jobs.
However,  I believe it is that natural light and renewable energy generation must be part of agriculture.

Also, it will not increase in value unless it is produced in the city.
I want to realize the ideal city I dream of naturel cities in near future.

It is to build natural and renewable energy power plants in the city, share them on the network, and consume the natural and renewable energy in the city.

Similarly, the hydroponics I learned is pollution-free and has undergone many technological reforms. I believe that systematic and systematic production (cultivation) sales and processing can provide much of the city’s food and oxygen. And it absorbs carbon dioxide.
It would be the same environment as in the forest.

Keita Okuizumi



Natural & Renewable Energy

Job Description Candidate must possess at least Diploma in Plant Science / Electrical engineering, engineering, science & engineering, system engineering, information engineering OR you have experience kind of this job more than 3 years. develop new solar system for city use. I’d like to improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells. I am deeply interested in heat exchange. Training and Development • Teaching renewable energy concepts with specific focus on Solar PV Energy; • Developing and implementing educational modules and supporting materials; • Researching about renewable energies and tech subjects for RandD purposes; • Attendance of relevant training on solar devices and innovative technologies in the solar industry. Solar PV System Design • Operating a tech-lab and experiment with Solar PV Energy equipment; • Developing and consulting on Solar System Designs using relevant software; • Preparation of project proposals for clients and partner organizations. Team Management and Reports • Working with youth from various backgrounds and cultures; • Cooperation and consultations with the team of electricians, executives and directors; • Work with Solar Academy students to set up solar panels as part of on the job training; • Consultancy and technical support to procurement department.

New Agriculture

Urban hydroponics

Job Description (at Malaysia) Candidate must possess at least Diploma in Plant Science / Agriculture / Horticulture / Biology or equivalent. Minimum 2 years working experience in related field. Proficiency in spoken & written in English and BM or Chinese. We are using cloud computing for Iot Agriculture Frequently travel to Estate and must be able to work and stay inside estate. Liaising with estate managers to implement agronomic best practices. Liaising with estate managers to identify agronomic problems & assisting with solutions. Leaf and soil sampling Career Level Non-Executive Qualification Primary/Secondary School/O Level Years of Experience 2 years Job Type Full-Time


Business developer

coming soon.


php, c++ or c

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