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Clean, cheap energy for everyone

Corona In the year 2017, 1% of the electricity produced by the world's primary energy (fossil fuels such as petroleum) was used in OECD member countries including the United States. * China is non-OECD, but uses 41% of the world total.Almost all of the 22 billion tons of fossil fuels are chemically converted into carbon compounds, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc., and other energies are converted into heat, etc. according to the law of conservation and exist on the same earth.
As of 2017, renewable energy accounted for approximately 17% of total energy consumption, including hydroelectric power generation.
Still, about 8 million people are in an environment where electricity is not available.
By 2030, we have set a goal to further reduce fossil fuel dependence and ensure that everyone can generate cheap electricity with clean energy.CorporateESGWould you like to incorporate renewable energy production into your company?


What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is always present in the natural world, such as some of the earth's resources such as solar power, wind power, and geothermal power.
Its major features are that it does not run out, that it exists everywhere, and that it does not emit CO2.
Seven types of non-fossil energy sources that are recognized as permanently usable as energy sources: solar power, wind power, hydraulic power, geothermal heat, solar heat, heat in the atmosphere, other heat existing in the natural world, and biomass.

Clean energy that does not depend on primary fuel such as petroleum or nuclear fission.

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More adoption of energy-saving products

There are still many things that can still be done to consume power, such as power saving measures such as unplugging and the introduction of power-saving electrical appliances.

When you buy a new electric appliance, you can buy a product with an inverter (Inverter technology allows you to change the rotation speed of the motor steplessly according to the load.

Taking advantage of this feature, it is possible to use energy (energy saving) that matches the load very efficiently. The incandescent light bulb was completed on October 1879, 10 when Edison was 21 years old.By changing the bulb-type fluorescent lamp to LED, the power consumption can be reduced by about 32% compared to the fluorescent lamp. (Assuming that the power consumption of an incandescent light bulb is 30W, the power consumption of a compact fluorescent light bulb is 54W, and the power consumption of an LED light bulb is 11W)


Affordable solar energy generation

The solar cell system is a creep energy power generation system that can be easily introduced as the introduction price becomes cheaper as the technology evolves.

I often talk about profitability, but the electricity bill excluding the basic charge is about 1 yen per 26.48kw. * Over 120kWh to 300kWh
The unit price for selling electricity is 10 yen per 2020kw in 1 (Japan) for residential solar power generation (less than 21kW).10 yen + tax if it is 50kW or more and less than 13kW for business use.

 In other words, it is more profitable to use the generated renewable energy power source in-house than to sell it than to purchase the power from the electric power company.

 In New Normal, it is not the idea of ​​selling renewable energy to make a profit, but the feeling of using renewable energy to cover the electricity of your company, and buying the electricity of the electric power company because there is no shortage.
If you make money from power generation, setting up a renewable energy power plant in a city would not be cost effective.

   The idea of ​​carbon offset is that offices and factories can move with the natural energy produced in-house, and the carbon generated by the natural energy can be turned off from the electric power generated by the fossil fuel that would be used originally. increase.

 An increasing number of office buildings are installing renewable energy panels on empty spaces in office buildings and on the south wall (building material panels).
It does not hide the solar panel as it did a while ago, and depending on the efficiency of equipment placement, it may be installed in a place that is visible to the human eye.
Rather, I think it is important for people who see it to be interested in SDG7's business and carbon neutrality.


Incorporating sustainable energy into a company's ESG and production structure

 I think it is difficult for urban renewable energy power generation facilities to supply electricity to all companies with renewable energy.
First of all, why not plan a power generation plan with the goal of 20% of the required power?
Approximately 3.7% of electricity is lost from a distant power plant to an urban area.
This is equivalent to the annual power production of seven thermal power plants on average throughout Japan.

Electricity is most used in urban areas.It generates electricity in urban areas and uses it in urban areas to reduce transmission loss. Initial gh's renewable energy battery cloud power generation shearing system allows you to shear the power stored in the power generation and store and use a large amount of power in the city.

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