SDGs manifest their intention to society to enhance their sustainability

Why are companies working on the SDGs?

And why do international institutional investors value the ESG of their investees?

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The global environmentEconomic developmentOn the contraryI'm on the verge of the worstAt this rate, I can't continue my business and life.
For example, disasters that are said to occur once every few decades occur many times a year around the world, and heavy rains sink the city due to global warming.There are serious problems with people's lives and corporate businesses.From this state, institutional investors such as pension organizations TheInvestment destination OfESGWe value our portfolio (environmental measures, social contribution, government).

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Well, that's why our company also has SDGs in the product manufacturing process# Green businessYou are incorporating.

But how can you capture it? ??

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For our services and products, for the environment and societyThat sustainable items and actions are incorporatedShow it to consumers and society.
CompaniesEEnvironmental measuresSTribute to society
We decide the governance of the G company and incorporate the green business related to the SDGs into the corporate structure.
Utilizing the know-how of the company's specialty field,Incorporate a green business with high synergistic effects,Launching a completely new environmental industry sectorI will do it.A professional environmental consultant office will also plan for you.

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Well, SDGs and corporate ESG are also for the continuation of our lives and the company.
But your company is a shipping company, right?What kind of environmental measures are you incorporating? ??

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Okay!Although it appears on the company homepage, our companyAs a new green business, sales of used truck parts and catalyst business for exhaust gas controlI entered the market.
Old trucks have been sold to Southeast Asian countries until now.However, if you sell it as it is, you will run a truck with exhaust gas standards that is already banned in Japan in Southeast Asia, right?In other words, unfriendly exhaust gas will be continuously emitted somewhere in the world.
So,We disassemble old trucks and improve the parts to suit the current environment and sell them all over the world.
We also manufacture and sell low toxic gas emission catalysts for diesel vehicles that use uric acid.
As a result, from the deducted exhaust gas of A new car and (-) B parts, the deducted carbon dioxide of (-) C improved and used combustion system parts and (+) carbon dioxide reduced from the sold catalyst system are reduced. The amount to be deducted is equivalent to 5 new XNUMX-ton trucks.It's carbon neutral.

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If the SDGs and green business are properly incorporated into my company
My work also contributes to the environment and society.

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