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Environmentally friendly urban hydroponics with clean technology

Create a farm in the city that is not affected by pollution or heavy rain using artificial weather technology.
It purifies the city's atmosphere and supplies natural oxygen.

With minimal water and minimal fertilizer, the same vegetables and fruits as soil grows.
It is a farming method that promotes photosynthesis by using pulse irradiation technology and irradiation technology of a specific spectrum on leaves to promote photosynthesis, accelerates growth, and regulates plant formation.

Urban hydroponic farms are smaller than ordinary farms one by one, and it was thought that it would be difficult to become a sixth industry.By managing each small-scale hydroponic farm with a cloud system and centrally producing it by the initialgh staff, joint production, joint sales, and commercialization of joint crops will be possible.
In Japan, where the food self-sufficiency rate is about 38%, most food is imported from overseas.
It can be transported to Spar by car, connecting with ships and planes.It emits a lot of carbon by the time it reaches the table. (Food mileage problem: requires a lot of pesticides and preservatives and consumes a lot of transportation fuel.)
Producing food in the city reduces the consumption of exhaust gas consumed by the extra transportation, and also reduces the use of preservatives and long-lasting agents, leading to food safety and reduction of food loss.
By producing food in the largest consumption area, we hope that there will be more food in the original production area and that vegetables and fruits will be accessible to people in developing countries.
The amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide equivalent) emitted by food loss is 36 billion tons.It is reported to account for about 8% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

We utilize the results of photosynthesis efficiency technology and fertilizer chemistry technology development,
In new hydroponics, vegetables can be cultivated almost twice as fast depending on the cultivated plants, compared to general soil cultivation.

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Efficient use of natural and renewable energy

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